Yoga House Goodlettsville

The 108
with Misty

September 22 (Wednesday)
at 6:00 pm

Class length
80 minutes

Yoga House

Join us Wednesday September 22 on the FALL EQUINOX for a powerful moving mediation we call The 108. I  will lead you thru a 108 moving meditation in our wonderful cocoon space at the House

What’s this 108 Sun Salutations all about.....

It’s a powerful experience that will stretch you and leave your yoga practice changed.  Yes it’s 108 sun salutations, but its what happens that’s even more amazing.

There’s a lot of symbolism in the 108 numbers themselves but I believe it is the act of practicing anything 108 times with deliberate focus and intention that makes this ritual powerful. It is just long enough that the mind can begin to get bored or restless and so the practice becomes a great metaphor for life and all the mundane tasks that we must repeat over and over; in the repetition we learn how to continually come back to our intention. The physicality of doing 108 Sun Salutations teaches you how to work smarter rather than harder if you are paying attention, which is another great lesson to imprint on body and mind as we head into the new year. But please don’t let the number overwhelm you, we will work together this is a deep group meditative practice.

On Wednesday September 22 at 6:00 pm , we will unroll our mats together to celebrate the cooler "season"  with the power of our intentions and your light for the year to come. You don’t have to do all 108 Salutations to celebrate this sacred time of year but come as you are we will pause with movement.

ALL LEVELS welcome...... remember you can do as many or as little, just come and be in our moving meditation.

$10 Founders
$15 non founders


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